Duties & Responsibilities:

Increase customer satisfaction by effecting repairs correctly the first time

Accomplish and maintain a high level of efficiency

Maintain standards for ethical business practices, professional image, orderliness, customer service and good employee relations

General Qualifications:

Standards Possess a valid driver’s license (issued from state where employed)

Possess necessary tools to perform required tasks

Capable of achieving and maintaining state verification in the eight areas pertaining to automotive repair

Neat appearance

Work with minimal supervision

Ability to work with co-workers and management

Able to write legibly

Able to diagnose repairs needed on automobiles

Posses good verbal and written communication skills

Able to read schematics

Able to operate all company equipment needed to perform tasks

Be dependable

Able to achieve and maintain an efficiency of 125%

Able to lift 60 pounds

Able to work long hours

Specific Responsibilities:

Attend and participate in meetings as required by management

Attend and participate in training classes as required by management

Report problem areas to management

Maintain a clean facility

Maintain a low rate of comeback repairs

Maintain a valid state drivers license (issued in state of employment)

Achieve and maintain state certifications in eight areas of automotive repair

Road test all repairs to ensure repaired correctly the first time

Purchase and maintain tools necessary to perform assigned tasks

Provide complete and accurate neatly written descriptions of diagnosis, repair, and maintenance performed on the workshop copy of the repair order assigned

Punch and flag separate times for all operations, including diagnosis

Note, in writing on workshop copy of repair orders, and additional repairs necessary and/or and condition that may require special explanation to the customer

Park and lock all vehicles in an orderly fashion in designated areas

Check all vehicles before driving for expired license – if expired, advise the manager or owner

Take all possible precautions to insure the safety and health of you and others

Perform all maintenance and repair with speed and thoroughness

Report tools, equipment, and facilities in need of repair

Maintain cleanliness of all vehicles assigned to repair

Notify manager, supervisor, or owner if parts need to be ordered or delays are expected

Assist in expediting the ordering of parts

Perform work assignments in accordance with time schedules as assigned by the Service Advisor

Request work assignment if out of work or temporarily unable to complete a job

Maintain a good working relationship with all other personnel

This position will be expected to perform other duties as assigned by management. The company reserves the right to modify this job description as business needs require.