Harrison Township Engine Repair

At Jefferson Motor Service, Engine repair is our specialty. We mean all engines, including diesel and gasoline-powered engines. If you’re in the Harrison Township, Clinton Township or Mt. Clemens area, the auto mechanics at Jefferson Motor Service are the right auto repair team for engine repair.

The engine is the most important part of your vehicle. At Jefferson Motor Service we specialize in keeping your engine running as good as new. We can help with preventive maintenance on your engine to avoid costly repairs and prolong the life of your vehicle but there may come a time when your engine needs repair. If your Check Engine light is on or your car is idling rough or you have an oil leak or you simply suspect it’s time to have your engine serviced, it’s important to bring your car to a place that specializes in engine repair.

If you’re in the Harrison Township, Clinton Township, or Mt. Clemens area, Jefferson Motor Service is the right place for engine repair. Our auto repair team knows their way around the car engines on a wide variety of makes and models of vehicles, including gasoline-powered and diesel engines. Engine repair jobs start with diagnostics. Jefferson Motor Service has the right equipment to diagnose, service, and repair your engine. If your engine problem is diagnosed in time, we can have it back up and running like new.

Our auto repair team is determined to go above and beyond to ensure your engine is in top shape and we want you to feel free to ask any questions so you feel comfortable like our customer below:

“I had some significant work on my car that needed to be done. My husband and I felt like the pricing at Jefferson Motor Service was fair for the auto repair that needed to be done. The staff was friendly and the auto mechanics were very responsive. I plan on always taking my car here and would recommend them for anyone in the area.” -- Madisen S.

Call Jefferson Motor Service if you need engine repair and your engine, even your gasoline or diesel engine, will soon be running like new with the help of our auto repair team. If you’re in the Harrison Township, Clinton Township, or Mt. Clemens area, call us at (586) 468-0300 or schedule an appointment. Jefferson Motor Service is located at 37089 Jefferson Ave., Harrison, MI 48045. Find out today why our list of return customers is growing.