Harrison Township Volkswagen Service - Jefferson Motor ServiceVolkswagen Golf GTI Cabrio by David Villarreal Ferna, used under CC BY-SA 2.0

Harrison Township Volkswagen Service

If you are in the Harrison Township, Clinton Township, or Mt. Clemens area and own a Volkswagen, let the auto mechanics at Jefferson Motor Service handle your auto repair needs. Our auto repair team is skilled in all makes and models of vehicles and Volkswagen is no exception.

Volkswagen makes a statement. It’s rare when a brand combines safety with performance. You bought your car because of its reliability, so naturally, you need a reliable auto repair team. And you also need engine experts to maintain the performance of a VW. That’s where the team at Jefferson Motor Service comes in.

If you need Volkswagen service in the Harrison Township, Clinton Township, or Mt. Clemens area, let the auto repair team at Jefferson Motor Service show you how it’s done. Contrary to popular belief, VWs are not any harder or more expensive to maintain than other vehicles. And our team has extensive experience with all types of vehicles, including heavy-duty vehicles, so we would know! Going above and beyond is how we approach maintenance to help save costly repair work, but if the need arises, we are ready to service your Volkswagen if it needs work on anything from the transmission, air conditioning to the electrical system. And each of our team members has the goal of making your VW run like new, even when that means extra time test driving and triple checking that things work. We’ll often find things that others miss that prevent costly repair work or worse, accidents like in the five-star review below:

“Awesome fantastic service at Jefferson Motor Service! ...very knowledgeable staff, and their auto mechanics even found things that were wrong that I didn't even know about prior to them breaking and leaving me stranded with a bigger auto repair problem. You can trust Jefferson Motor Service.” -- Richard L.

We look forward to getting to know you and your Volkswagen. If you’re in the Harrison Township, Clinton Township, or Mt. Clemens area, call us at (586) 468-0300 or schedule an appointment. Jefferson Motor Service is located at 37089 Jefferson Ave., Harrison, MI 48045. Find out today why our list of return customers is growing.